Here is one photographers account of trying to photograph a puppy.

Here is a Morning Prayer to start your day. This is a PDF file and you will need to use your browser's BACK button to return to the ETC page.

Do you know How To Speak European?


Here is a guide to Chord Selection For Fiddle Tunes. This is copyrighted material and cannot be duplicated without permission. This is a PDF file and you will need to use your browser's BACK button to return to the ETC page.


My mother sent me an article on Being Human.


My favorite violin and piano instructor who has a gift for music instruction and whose smile is contagious. OneImagePlace created her WEB site.

One of my dear friends is one of those individuals that actually walks the talk. He is involved in humanitarian efforts and is a gifted software developer. This is one of his many web sites.

Looking for a hard working and very competent lawyer with integrity? Steven Knuppel, a San Francisco based lawyer, is a rather rare individual among legal services providers.

An artist in hair styling whose positive attitude makes you feel great can be found here in Campbell.


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The Photo images are edited and optimized for the WEB using Adobe's Photoshop CS and Image Ready CS. The animated GIF on the HOME page was created using Image Ready's animation feature.

Adobe's Indesign CS was used to layout the Morning Prayer article which was then prepared and saved as a PDF file for use on the WEB.

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Flash Based Photography Tips.