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Welcome to

This site displays photography and digital art services that are available The site also displays images created by local artists and some of those images are available for sale. OneImagePlace also develops basic WEB sites for small businesses and individuals (see Links). Use the Contact below for displaying your images on OneImagePlace or site development.

The PHOTOS area contains collections of photos of places and people. Some of the collections are about travel and some tell stories. Check out the almost completed collection of photos on "Places Of Worship - Los Gatos".

The DIGITAL area demonstrates some techniques used to alter and create images from photographs and vector art and also some Flash creations.

The RESTORE area demonstrates some photo restoration one of which is a California historical photo.

The ETC page contains some humor, some things to think about, some links, some technical data about the site, and etc.

OneImagePlace can be contacted by clicking here.

All original photos and art contained in this site are protected by copyright laws and cannot be used without the express permission of OneImagePlace. I have relatives and friends that are lawyers and they really enjoy a phrase I learned from them called "billable hours".